About Us

Individual Connections

We believe that everyone deserves access to meaningful relationships and the opportunity to achieve their highest potential, personally and professionally. Our focus is on functional skill development including self care, basic communication, learning skills, self-advocacy and social skills.  All services are designed to enhance the connections between the natural supports in an individual's life in the home, school and community.  Programming is developed with an individual's strengths and interests as a foundation for learning and fun.

Quality Connections

With over 25 years of professional experience, we are committed to  excellence and developing high quality professionals.  All direct services staff are trained in the principles of ABA and are certified or working towards certification in the field.  All services are overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Licensed Behavior Specialists.  Program development and progress is based on data collection and analysis.

Community Connections

One of our founding principles is to support local communities to become more inclusive by giving our resources and support.  Inclusive communities support individuals to have the highest quality of life and contribute back to their community.  We host monthly trainings and events in collaboration with community organizations.  If you are interested in collaboration or support to plan an event, contact us.